Vegan diet

The aim and purpose of Fluid Spirit is to provide home for all beings of this world, that is for all humans, animals and plants.
The only kind of nutrition which meets this goal is the vegan diet. No animal should have to suffer for human nutrition!
That is why Fluid Spirit is committed to the dissemination of knowledge about the vegan diet and supports people who are interested in a vegan diet with advice, cooking classes and recipe ideas.
Furthermore, it is important for us to use seasonal and local products from purely organic origin.

The vegan diet basically avoids all foods that are in any way related to animals.
Instead of animal products vegan products are consumed. In place of cow milk, for example soy or milk made of grain (rice, barley, spelled, etc.) is used, instead of cream from cow milk, soy, rice or oat cream may be used and instead of eggs, for example silken tofu. Instead of honey, products such as maple syrup, agave syrup, pear or apple syrup or date syrup are used.

In order to change to a vegan diet, one should acquire a deeper knowledge about this diet first. It is not advisable to simply remove animal products from your weekly menu and to eat only salad and pasta instead. This would be quite wrong and would lead to nutritional deficiencies. Instead of the widespread animal sources of protein, vegetable sources of protein such as grain and legumes should be used. In addition, lots of vegetables and fruits should be added on the plate.

We were confirmed with this topic in particular by the book “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell (ISBN: 978-3-86401-001-9, published in 2011, publishing systemic medicine).
T. Colin Campbell led the China Study, the most comprehensive study of people on the relation of diseases, lifestyle habits and diet.
The book explains the relationship of an animal-protein rich diet and diseases which can arise therefrom. What is known already for a long time in science was made accessible in an understandable way for everyone in the China Study.
We consider this publication a great asset for all people who are interested in a healthy diet and we are grateful to T. Colin Campbell that he performed these scientific studies and from that created and published this book.

The vegan diet requires an adequate supply of essential nutrients, especially for children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and elderly people.
These nutrients include vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12, iron, iodine and vitamin D, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and vitamin B2. In addition, an adequate intake of protein has to be ensured.
(Source: Heinrich Kasper: Nutritional Medicine and Dietetics, Chapter 20, “Vegetarian diets”, Stuttgart, 11th revised edition 2009.)

To learn how a healthy, balanced vegan diet looks like, we recommend our Fluid Spirit vegan cooking class: “So richtig vegan!” by Isabella Knoer.
The cooking class takes place on three evenings and distributes the required knowledge for a vegan diet in theory and practice.

Danielle Jolissaint has specifically performed a meditation for the vegan lifestyle, which is available on CD:
Meditation by Danielle Jolissaint of 6.-7.9.2013 “The transition of mankind from carnism to the vegan lifestyle“.