Go to the slaughterhouses, see the horror of the murdering and become aware of the torments the animals must endure for your relish.

Imagine, you got a strong punch between your eyes, you heard a dull noise and then, if the butcher had at least set the bolt well, you would become unconscious by the shot of the captive bolt pistol. If the butcher did not set the bolt shot well, you would even have to witness how you would be hung up on a tube track on chain-links. Your heart would and should still beat so that the blood can drain on the subsequent cut through the carotid arteries or the breast stab. Blood drainage would stop oxygenating your brain, so death would finally occur. This is what would happen to you if you were born as cattle and were slaughtered for the consumption of meat by humans.

(see www.schlachthof-transparent.org/pages/schlachtprozess/rinderschlachtung.php)

If you were born as a pig, you would be lowered in small groups of at least two to eight animals in gondolas or baskets in a 9 m deep pit, which is filled with CO2. Since CO2 causes severe shortness of breath, you would pass out after about 15 seconds with breathlessness and fear of suffocating and gasping for air. Afterwards you would be pulled up again and automatically tilt out of the gondola. Then you would, while hanging, bleed out, by a cut through the carotid artery, which would lead to death at last. The blood withdrawal would have to be done at short notice, because otherwise you would wake up. This is what would happen to you if you were born as a pig and were slaughtered for the consumption of meat by humans.

(see https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schlachtung)

Directly from the transport boxes you would be hung upside down to a conveyor belt, which, from now on, would transport you to the various death preparation stations. If you were lucky, you would first get a jolt of electricity for eight to fifteen seconds, triggering some kind of epileptic seizure and eventually leading to unconsciousness. If you were not so lucky that you would be knocked unconscious by a jolt of electricity, you would experience how, while you are hanging upside down on the conveyor belt, your carotid artery would be cut. This is what would happen to you if you were born as a chicken and were slaughtered for the consumption of meat by humans.

(see www.schlachthof-transparent.org/pages/schlachtprozess/huenerschlachtung.php )

10 July 2019 Danielle H. Jolissaint

SRF Kassensturz reports on the horror of milk production

Yesterday “Kassensturz” published a truthful account of the actual horror of milk production that we share on our site, so it spreads even more, and people become aware and they finally stop stealing and drinking the milk that belongs to the calves. There is enough rice milk, almond milk, oat milk, soy milk, etc. that people can drink, so that no other being has to suffer from it.


Torment of animals at the ESAF (Swiss Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival)

What agony must this poor bull named Kolin endure for the pleasure and sensationalism of humans. Chained by a nose ring, which gives him no opportunity to move since he would suffer pain otherwise, he is displayed to all these laughing visitors who, by all means, want to catch a glimpse of the poor suffering creature.Imagine as a human, being chained with a nose ring for two weeks. Humanity does not exist anymore! The people take pleasure in being able to marvel at this bull and, as usual, do not recognise the suffering of the animal, which stands before them in all its beauty and greatness. Who of the visitors would venture into a pasture with a free-roaming strong bull? But all feel strong by looking in the eyes of a defenseless chained bull. This torture of the bull and the other displayed animals lasts a whole of two weeks, in which the so-called Gabentempel is open at the ESAF (Swiss Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival). The animals are treated with no empathy at all and are passed around for photos, as if they were goods. During the ESAF, hundreds of thousands of people want to marvel at a chained bull, although they cannot empathise with this wonderful animal, otherwise they would scream: “Unchain the bull!”. Heartlessly, everyone wants to marvel the beautiful chained bull. Immediately thereafter, the whole family goes around the corner, so they can eat the “children of the bull” in the form of a veal sausage. If one looks at the pictures of this poor bull and other displayed live animal-prices, who sometimes even have injuries caused by the chains, it does remind of the forbidden slavery, now they simply do it with animals. So, one wonders why Switzerland has associations who call themselves animal welfare associations, but who tolerate or even endorse events, such as these at the ESAF. After the people devoured the calves or the piglets as sausages or steaks, they go home to look after their beloved children and their beloved pets. What irony! Animals have feelings for their children just like us humans. And after the festival, the lonesome people go back to work again, deluded by the impressions and the consumption, dreaming of the next diversion and money-consuming illusory break from everyday life, for example, the Zug bull market, which only takes place a few days later.

Official Animal Rights March 2019 in Zürich

Today we attended the first Official Animal Rights March 2019 in Zurich. It was uniquely beautiful to spend the day so peacefully with so many vegans. A sense of community that should extend to the whole world, that is what I wish from my heart. Thank you very much to the people who organized it and many thanks to all the people who attended.

Danielle H. Jolissaint, 17 August 2019

Vigil at the slaughterhouse in Zurich

At the beginning of March 2019, Danielle H. Jolissaint held a full-day meditation with her study group for Shamanistic Healing, Energy Work and Community building, in which she reminded us of people’s crimes against so-called “farm animals”.

Only a few days later, on 6 March 2019, the Rundschau broadcasted the report “Protest vor dem Schlachthof” (protest in front of the slaughterhouse) on SRF1. This article reports on how around 70 animal rights activists hold a peaceful vigil in the early morning in front of the slaughterhouse in Zurich, for the animals which are brought for slaughtering that day. The animal transporters are stopped with the peace sign and the drivers are asked if the activists are allowed to say goodbye to the animals. The second part of the report shows an interview with an activist about an ideal meatless world.

Link to the report of the Rundschau

After the contribution of the Rundschau Danielle called upon all people of Fluid Spirit to join the next vigil on Friday morning to express our gratitude and our support to this group of people who are also committed to raising awareness of the great animal suffering on earth. At 5:00 am on 15 March 2019, 20 people from Fluid Spirit, all vegans, joined the Animal Save vigil at the slaughterhouse in Zurich. Among them were parents with children, who were keen to show their children the truth about the origin of the meat, so that they can spread this knowledge on earth, because they have seen the terrible truth with their own eyes. The children were grateful to finally be able to contribute too to spreading awareness of animal suffering and, without their parents asking them to create these posters, they brought self-painted and written posters with the slogan “Stop eating animals”. The children looked into the stopped trucks, with the trapped animal children, the calves, and they saw the slaughtered animals from afar through the windows of the slaughterhouse, where their dissected bodies were now suspended.

“Let yourself be touched by the pictures below and get up, even if it is 3 o’clock in the morning, so that you can be with the animals who are condemned to death, paying your last respect to them and to see the terrible truth with your own eyes, so that your awareness is growing with more compassion and humanity for all beings in the world”, says Danielle.

“People have become rough; they also become barbarians among their kind when they feed on corpses”, says Danielle.

“That’s enough – 5000 years of patriarchy are enough”, by Doris Wolf

«Danielle H. Jolissaint is so very grateful that Doris Wolf in her one-of-a-kind work «Es reicht – 5000 Jahre Patriarchat sind genug» («That’s enough – 5000 years of patriarchy are enough») has profoundly researched and summarized the sad truth about the patriarchy of the last 5000 years. All people on our earth should absolutely read this book; women as well as men, because even men are victims of patriarchy.»

«5000 years of patriarchy = 5000 years of war» 
«Peace is not an utopia: during 98 percent of human history there were no wars.
As a civilization we do not have to learn anything new in order to survive in the future, but only remember something forgotten,» says Doris Wolf

Friday Evening City Vigil von Animal Save

Fluid Spirit supported the organisation Animal Save on Friday, 28 June 2019 at the Friday Evening City Vigil in Zurich. “We show what the world does not want to see,” says Animal Save Zurich. Dressed in black all activists expressed their grief, and Danielle H. Jolissaint, President of Fluid Spirit, brought a funeral wreath as a sign of the deepest grief of the people of Fluid Spirit for all the slaughtered animal children and their parents.

Isabella T. Knör, 30 June 2019

The patriarchy – the cows and the women

This article was written by Danielle H. Jolissaint on the occasion of a meditation on mindfulness led by her.

The article is a summary of an essential topic of this meditation.  Danielle has made this article available to us to make it available to the public.

We thank Danielle from the bottom of our hearts for her unique clarity and love for all beings of this world.

Isabella T. Knör 22 May 2019

The patriarchy – the cows and the women

We line up in front of the monastery church Einsiedeln

Dear friends of Fluid Spirit

After the vigil at the slaughterhouse in Zurich, Danielle meditated in the monastery of Einsiedeln near the Black Madonna for all suffering animals in the slaughterhouses, on farms and for all suffering animals in the world and sent light. She would have liked to express her pain in the church, crying out loud: “Thou shalt not kill – Jesus Christ would be a vegan today.”

Out of this process Danielle printed banners with corresponding texts, with which we lined up on 14 April 2019 (Palm Sunday) in front of the entrance of the monastery in Einsiedeln:

“Thou shalt not kill – Jesus Christ would be a vegan today!”
“Killing animals in order to eat them, would be a mortal sin for Jesus today!”
“11th commandment: Thou shalt honor and care for animals as thyself, and shalt not kill them for thy food.”
“The perversion of humans culminates in sadism by slaughtering and eating animals.”
“Stop eating animals – go to the slaughterhouses and see the horror of the murdering.”
“Even the Easter lamb and the Christmas goose want to live!”

Danielle H. Jolissaint

Palm Sunday was the most appropriate time for our action before Easter to make people aware of our human concerns. We lined up in front of the main entrance of the monastery church before the Mass and after the Mass. Due to Danielle’s conversation with Father Martin Werlen, who approached her on site, we attended the Mass, and through this, our cause was responded to in the sermon. On the occasion of his sermon, Father Martin Werlen pointed out that our action on our cause touches him because we are committed to creation, which includes the animals, and that life does not consist of pleasure and food!

Isabella T. Knör

So we were compensated for the hostility of individual church visitors before their church visit by the fact that the church visitors may have become aware during the sermon, that they are not the do-gooders, as they would like to see themselves, as they had insulted us before the church, and the priest later preached that it is about charity for all. Above all, after the two priests sang the Easter story of Jesus being massacred and crucified by humans, these people hopefully became aware of what they had done today. They had dealt with us in a similar way as with Jesus back then. We, too, have been marginalized, mocked and laughed at by church visitors before they visited Mass, though we draw attention to a human concern, that of having compassion for all beings of the world, all of whom are part of creation just as we humans are too.
When we lined up again after the Mass, the churchgoers, who were now carrying blessed palm branches, were more friendly and more open-minded and we were all very delighted about that – thank you very much to Father Martin Werlen and all church visitors, who gained more awareness through our action.

Danielle H. Jolissaint

Book «Out of love for all beings of this world» vegan menus from Fluid Spirit

Publisher: Danielle H. Jolissaint (editor)
Authors: Danielle H. Jolissaint (editor), Isabella Knör, Mario Rigo

Since animals are very close to my heart and I experience by living together with them, how similar they are to us humans in terms of feelings, I suffer with them when I see that most animals, which are my neighbours, only exist in order to serve for the nutrition of humans. My neighbours, the cows in the picture, are at least allowed to live together as a family for a while, but many other cows are not even allowed to do so, since the calves will be separated from the mother cow right after birth.
From this suffering that I encounter almost every day, this little cookbook has been created and I wish from my heart, that as many people as possible try out the very tasty and easy-to-prepare vegan dishes and thus start with a vegan diet. The vegan diet will bring much healing to humans, animals, and the environment and people will gain more mindfulness towards all beings in the world.

I cordially thank all people who are interested in the vegan diet.

The cookbook with delicious vegan recipes, including for the slim line, can be ordered from
Danielle H. Jolissaint for the price of CHF 18.- / € 18.- (plus shipping and packaging): gemeinschaftspraxis@jolissaint.ch

Please note our range of vegan Fluid Spirt cooking classes:


Music-CD «Mindfulness with all beings of this world»

From Danielle H. Jolissaint and her friends of the Fluid Spirit Orchestra
The music CD can be ordered from Danielle H. Jolissaint at the price of CHF 30.- / € 28.-.
Order at:gemeinschaftspraxis@jolissaint.ch