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Fluid Spirit wishes to be understood as a learning field, in which all educational offers contribute to the areas of self-knowledge, expansion of consciousness, community building, freedom from conditionings and reconciliation of the genders. Fluid Spirit promotes truthfulness and earnestness in the sense of reliability of feelings in relationships, as such Fluid Spirit is meant to provide a vessel for friendships.

The books “Fluid Spirit”, At Home in Reality, A Guide to Spiritual Growth, Volume I and II, by Danielle Jolissaint & Dr. med. Ernst Benz constitute the spirit as well as the basis of Fluid Spirit.

buch_fleur_de_jolissaint_weissThe book “Fleurs de Jolissaint”

Meditation-vocal improvisations "Fleurs de Jolissaint"
by Danielle H. Jolissaint from the Moulin Les Verveilles,
the house Fluid Spirit.

The music CDs can be purchased from Danielle H. Jolissaint at the price of CHF 30.– per CD


The Book ”Fluid Spirit”

MD Ernst Benz and I have created a guide for spiritual growth in the daily routine. You can read my working philosophy in the books: ”Fluid Spirit: In der Wirklichkeit zu Hause” (Fluid Spirit: In reality at home) Volume I and II. Both books are in German and can be ordered from me. The price is CHF 58.– per volume or CHF 110.– for both volumes, plus handling and shipping.

You can find a short summary in English as PDF-file which can be downloaded with the following link.

Summary ”Fluid Spirit” (PDF-File)

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