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Go to the slaughterhouses, see the horror of the murdering and become aware of the torments the animals must endure for your relish.


"Imagine, you got a strong punch between your eyes, you heard a dull noise and then, if the butcher had at least set the bolt well, you would become unconscious by the shot of the captive bolt pistol. If the butcher did not set the bolt shot well, you would even have to witness how you would be hung up on a tube track on chain-links. Your heart would and should still beat so that the blood can drain on the subsequent cut through the carotid arteries or the breast stab. Blood drainage would stop oxygenating your brain, so death would finally occur.

This is what would happen to you if you were born as cattle and were slaughtered for the consumption of meat by humans.

(see www.schlachthof-transparent.org/pages/schlachtprozess/rinderschlachtung.php)

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10.7.2019 Danielle H. Jolissaint



"After half a day only, just born from the mommy cow on Earth, where we are all guests; these baby cows are fobbed off with a machine instead of being caressed with maternal love and maternal tenderness.
When will this horror finally stop and people will find their way to humanity and compassion?"

"Human children try to comfort baby cows, although there is no consolation for the horror of being separated from the mommy cow."

5.6.2019 Danielle H. Jolissaint


"Instead of the milk from their mothers, the calves have to suck diluted milk from plastic tubes - it hurts so much to see these calves alone, separated from their mothers and to endure the inhumanity of humans."

9.5.2019 Danielle H. Jolissaint


"Emaciated, exploited mother cows, who must always be pregnant in order to give milk, who’s babies are taken away from them right after birth, and who's milk, which is supposed to be for their calves, but is stolen by humans, that is the terribly sad truth of the effects of the cow milk drinking humans."

9.5.2019 Danielle H. Jolissaint

"The world stinks of fear and slurry."
"Stop eating animals and stealing milk from calves and the world will smell of flowers and well-being instead of fear and slurry."

8.5.2019 Danielle H. Jolissaint

"Instead of putting cold blankets on the newborn calves, please let them experience their mothers natural warmth and the feeling of being save and secure.”

7.5.2019 Danielle H. Jolissaint


“Thou shalt not kill - Jesus Christ would be a vegan today!”
"Killing animals in order to eat them, would be a mortal sin for Jesus today!"
"11th commandment: Thou shalt honor and care for animals as thyself, and shalt not kill them for thy food."
"The perversion of humans culminates in sadism by slaughtering and eating animals."
"Stop eating animals - go to the slaughterhouses and see the horror of the murdering."
"Even the Easter lamb and the Christmas goose want to live!"

With these banner-printed sentences by Danielle H. Jolissaint, Fluid Spirit lined up in front of the entrance of the monastery in Einsiedeln on 14 April 2019 (Palm Sunday) and thus campaigned for all the suffering animals in the world.

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you belong to the race of the so-called farm animals and you would only live for a short while to be slaughtered and exploited for the meat-based food of a more privileged breed which this privileged breed does not need at all!

"We thank all people on earth who are committed to making an effort that this immeasurable animal suffering on earth finally comes to an end!"

27.2.2019 Danielle H. Jolissaint


"Instead of parties, instead of holidays, instead of carnival, go to the slaughterhouses and see the truth."
"Animal suffering does not stop at other places in the world!"

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14.3.2019 Danielle H. Jolissaint

Fluid Spirit wishes to be understood as a learning field, in which all educational offers contribute to the areas of self-knowledge, expansion of consciousness, community building, freedom from conditionings and reconciliation of the genders. Fluid Spirit promotes truthfulness and earnestness in the sense of reliability of feelings in relationships, as such Fluid Spirit is meant to provide a vessel for friendships.

The books “Fluid Spirit”, At Home in Reality, A Guide to Spiritual Growth, Volume I and II, by Danielle Jolissaint & Dr. med. Ernst Benz constitute the spirit as well as the basis of Fluid Spirit.

buch_fleur_de_jolissaint_weissThe book “Fleurs de Jolissaint”

Meditation-vocal improvisations "Fleurs de Jolissaint"
by Danielle H. Jolissaint from the Moulin Les Verveilles,
the house Fluid Spirit.

The music CDs can be purchased from Danielle H. Jolissaint at the price of CHF 30.– per CD


The Book ”Fluid Spirit”

MD Ernst Benz and I have created a guide for spiritual growth in the daily routine. You can read my working philosophy in the books: ”Fluid Spirit: In der Wirklichkeit zu Hause” (Fluid Spirit: In reality at home) Volume I and II. Both books are in German and can be ordered from me. The price is CHF 58.– per volume or CHF 110.– for both volumes, plus handling and shipping.

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