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Silverlight-world brain meditation © and Goldlight-world brain meditation © by Danielle H. Jolissaint

„We meditate also after the corona crisis together daily at 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. Swiss time. At these times we will meet mentally together in the morning for the Silverlight World Brain Meditation © and in the evening for the Goldlight World Brain Meditation ©, each of us from home and nevertheless connected on the energy level.
I recommend doing the meditation in a sitting position with an upright straight back, eyes closed, and chin directed slightly upwards. I recommend doing the meditation as often as you can, so that it is memorized in such a way that while you are living the daily routine, this meditation is always flowing in the background. The meditation supports being in the Here and Now, not to miss the Here and Now!

Danielle H. Jolissaint

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Teaching-meditation: “Gold-Blue-Light meditation through the earth ©” of Danielle H. Jolissaint with song: “Connected with the earth ©” of Danielle H. Jolissaint

“All people who would like to join me in this meditation, can do this every dayat 7am and 10pm Swiss time. At these times we will meet mentally for the gold-blue-light meditation through the earth, each of us from home and nevertheless connected on the energy level.
recommend doing the gold-blue-light meditation sitting, with an upright straight back, keeping your eyes closed and your chin slightly raised, so that in this attitude we become aware how small we are in relation to the universe. I recommend doing the gold-blue-light meditation as often as you can, so that it is imprinted in such a way that when you live everyday life, this meditation always flows in the background. The gold-blue-light meditation helps to be in the here and now, not to miss the here and now! You should not be afraid – enjoy having time now – it is a phase of reflection, to get in touch with yourself again, to do the meditation and thereby to increase the light again. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this gold-blue-light meditation through the earth for the earth and for all beings on earth.
Danielle H. Jolissaint

The Meditation can be listened with the following link: https://soundcloud.com/danielle-h-jolissaint/gold-blau-lichtmeditation-durch-die-erde-mit-anschliessendem-lied-von-danielle-h-jolissaint

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Blue Point against animal suffering


Have you seen this baby?

Fluid Spirit does campaign for awareness of the immeasurable animal suffering which the dairy industry causes to the so-called farm animals, by farmers tearing away the calves from the mother cows immediately or shortly after birth in order to sell the cow milk to humans. But this milk would be intended for the calves. Human is the only being in the world who thinks that he should still drink milk after childhood, amazing, isn’t it? I haven’t been drinking milk for years, neither soy, nor rice, nor any other milk!

For this purpose, Fluid Spirit provides the leaflet, which should be distributed generously. The leaflets may only be used for this purpose and may not be placed in and / or on walls of department stores or shops and also at places where it is not permitted.

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27 December, Danielle H. Jolissaint


Fiby Jolimuh in winter quarters. . . She makes me as happy as my two Golden Retrievers Jolibeau & Jolibelle!

11. November 2019, Danielle H. Jolissaint

Life project - life farm with animals and integrated holistic therapy for humans and animals

Two independent, intelligent, beautiful, strong, compassionate, responsible women are looking for one or more intelligent, beautiful, strong, compassionate, responsible, independent, financially strong humans, who would like to build a life farm for animals with these women. If there are humans who have all these desired qualities, we look forward to hearing from you so that we can get to know each other.

Hünenberg, 10 November 2019


Fiby Jolimuh, born on 7 September 2017

Daria, born on 17 July 2016

Nicole, born on 26 November 2018, little calf of Daria

Gladiola, born on 2 April 2017

Leiki, born on 4 February 2020

After adopting Fiby Jolimuh, born on September 7, 2017, as our new family member, have since five friends of Fluid Spirit emulated my deeds and I sincerely congratulate my Fluid Spirit friends for their beautiful daughters, Daria, born July 17, 2016, Nicole, born November 26, 2018, Gladiola Sen, born April 2, 2017 and Leiki, born February 4, 2020. Four cow daughters are allowed to spend their whole life happily together, which can last up to 30 years, at the Chäppis farm with the Patrik and Irma Kappeler family, pension for cows and cattle, Hunzenberg 2, 8374 Oberwangen / TG, www.chaeppis-hof.ch, and one cow daughter can happily spend her whole life at the cow pension Schönau, Isabelle Dörig-Theiler, Oberschönau 2851, 8533 Dietschwil / SG, www.kuhpension-schönau.ch, without being exploited and misused by humans for milk and meat production. The Chäppis farm only decided to restructure the farm in November 2018 and now already houses 50 cows, which are financed by people who are committed to the cause that the immense suffering on earth of the so-called animals for production comes to an end. The income of the Chäppis farm and the cow pension Schönau is well secured and Fluid Spirit would be very happy if there were also farmers in the canton of Zug and in France who could opt for a restructuring of a farm that supplies the dairy and meat industry, to a farm that looks well after the animals, so that even the so-called animals for production can live a life in dignity, like my Golden Retrievers too!

For the cow daughters we paid CHF 2'000 each (Gladiola Sen CHF 1'800, Leiki CHF 1’600), plus CHF 205 for pension/per month, plus incurred veterinary costs. We publish this information as a motivation for further interested parties (be it farmers or people who would like to buy cow daughters).

I sincerely thank all the people who are committed to ending the immeasurable animal suffering on earth, even though we still feel that our efforts are only a drop in the ocean, because there is yet no end in sight.

5 November 2019, Danielle H. Jolissaint

"The movie «The Game Changers» has educated me about many food myths and has opened my eyes. A long-outdated and false claim which is disproved in the film is, that meat provides high-quality energy and important proteins to us humans. For years, the meat and dairy industry has been influencing us with clever marketing to intake animal proteins in form of meat, poultry, eggs, milk, etc. in order to be strong and efficient. This is a fallacy that is deliberately and purely self-interested spread by the meat and dairy industry and can cause serious harm to our health, such as coronary heart disease, cancer, diabetes and impotence. It has been scientifically proven that animal proteins and animal fat have a major impact on the endothelial function of the blood vessels and impair our performance. By contrast, plant proteins have an anti-inflammatory effect, increase our performance and accelerate the regeneration of the body and the muscles after injuries. Protein from meat such as steaks, veal, pork and poultry etc. is also produced from plant food, namely the plant diet of the animals. So, the animals are only middlemen who pick up the vegetable protein and pass it on through their flesh to humans. When humans ingest their proteins exclusively and directly from the plant diet, it has benefits for their health; their performance improves and they are healthier and furthermore, it has a positive impact as well on health care costs and on our nature. I am tired of subsidizing farmers and, indirectly, the meat and dairy industry for years as taxpayer, only that they can provide their allegedly idyllic yet transfigured image of a nature friendly and intact agriculture and that they can publish their nutritional myths aimed to optimizing sales. I am of the opinion that the Swiss farmers have finally to face the free market and assert themselves, otherwise they should rather keep quiet."

29 October 2019 Ivo Müller

"Watch the movie «The Game Changers» and you will recognise the truth."

29 October 2019 Danielle H. Jolissaint

Fiby, born on 7 September 2017, is our new family member and does not have to go to the slaughterhouse and she is not exploited by humans for their milk consumption. Two friends have already done the same as me, so that because of us, three cows do not have to go to the slaughterhouse. I am so thankful for every single saved animal!

9 October 2019, Danielle H. Jolissaint, President of Fluid Spirit



Dominion is an Australian documentary that unveils the dark of so-called “modern animal life stock farming” and publishes footage taken using drones and hidden or portable cameras to call upon humanity to reflect on its domination of the animal kingdom and act accordingly. The documentary of the shocking truth burns in deeply into the hearts. There is a life before Dominion and a life after that …
We are grateful that people have created this dreadfully true and extremely important documentation. Although it is terrible to endure these true images, we share them on our homepage to open people’s eyes and their awareness to the immeasurable animal suffering on our earth, which people cause to the animals. This horror must end! It is very easy to get out of this horror by refraining completely from any animal products and by being vegan.
Even though the pictures are from Australia, they also speak for the whole Western world. In Switzerland, sad conditions prevail too, as evidenced by a number of footage on the internet (see: www.vgt.ch und www.tier-im-fokus.ch). The following pictures in the attached picture gallery show that even in our direct environment in the canton of Zug there are animals-unworthy and terrible conditions! Animals that have almost no day light all their lives and never feel grass under their feet and then are slaughtered.
In addition, many components of animal origin are in products, in which we would have never expected them, for example, in fabric softener (https://www.faz.net/aktuell/stil/leib-seele/tier-abfaelle-im-weichspueler-gibt-es-gute-alternativen-16275986.html). The fact that such components of animal origin are included and where these components come from is not comprehensible to consumers.

We thank all the people who contributed to this documentation and who spread it!
Director: Chris Delforce & Lissy Jayne
Filmed in Australia with more footage from around the world
German version: Film and Voice
Voices: Michael Borgard, Mayke Dähn, Thomas Küchler
Translation: Pia Frische & Michael Borgard

Further information about the film: http://www.dominionmovement.com

Due to the footage, the film is subject to age restriction. It is the responsibility of each individual whether he or she wants to watch this movie or not.


Pictures of a pig farm, recorded in Canton ZG, October 2019

Pigs are kept inside, cannot go outside and have almost no daylight. They live on concrete floor, without animal bedding. Everything is smeared with their faeces, but in fact, pigs would be extremely clean.


Go to the slaughterhouses, see the horror of the murdering and become aware of the torments the animals must endure for your relish


"Imagine, you got a strong punch between your eyes, you heard a dull noise and then, if the butcher had at least set the bolt well, you would become unconscious by the shot of the captive bolt pistol. If the butcher did not set the bolt shot well, you would even have to witness how you would be hung up on a tube track on chain-links. Your heart would and should still beat so that the blood can drain on the subsequent cut through the carotid arteries or the breast stab. Blood drainage would stop oxygenating your brain, so death would finally occur.

This is what would happen to you if you were born as cattle and were slaughtered for the consumption of meat by humans.

(see www.schlachthof-transparent.org/pages/schlachtprozess/rinderschlachtung.php)

Read more about

10.7.2019 Danielle H. Jolissaint


"After half a day only, just born from the mommy cow on Earth, where we are all guests; these baby cows are fobbed off with a machine instead of being caressed with maternal love and maternal tenderness.
When will this horror finally stop and people will find their way to humanity and compassion?"

"Human children try to comfort baby cows, although there is no consolation for the horror of being separated from the mommy cow."

5.6.2019 Danielle H. Jolissaint

"Instead of the milk from their mothers, the calves have to suck diluted milk from plastic tubes - it hurts so much to see these calves alone, separated from their mothers and to endure the inhumanity of humans.

9.5.2019 Danielle H. Jolissaint


"Emaciated, exploited mother cows, who must always be pregnant in order to give milk, who’s babies are taken away from them right after birth, and who's milk, which is supposed to be for their calves, but is stolen by humans, that is the terribly sad truth of the effects of the cow milk drinking humans."

9.5.2019 Danielle H. Jolissaint

"The world stinks of fear and slurry."
"Stop eating animals and stealing milk from calves and the world will smell of flowers and well-being instead of fear and slurry."

8.5.2019 Danielle H. Jolissaint

"Instead of putting cold blankets on the newborn calves, please let them experience their mothers natural warmth and the feeling of being save and secure.”

7.5.2019 Danielle H. Jolissaint


“Thou shalt not kill - Jesus Christ would be a vegan today!”
"Killing animals in order to eat them, would be a mortal sin for Jesus today!"
"11th commandment: Thou shalt honor and care for animals as thyself, and shalt not kill them for thy food."
"The perversion of humans culminates in sadism by slaughtering and eating animals."
"Stop eating animals - go to the slaughterhouses and see the horror of the murdering."
"Even the Easter lamb and the Christmas goose want to live!"

With these banner-printed sentences by Danielle H. Jolissaint, Fluid Spirit lined up in front of the entrance of the monastery in Einsiedeln on 14 April 2019 (Palm Sunday) and thus campaigned for all the suffering animals in the world.

Link to read more about


you belong to the race of the so-called farm animals and you would only live for a short while to be slaughtered and exploited for the meat-based food of a more privileged breed which this privileged breed does not need at all!

"We thank all people on earth who are committed to making an effort that this immeasurable animal suffering on earth finally comes to an end!"

27.2.2019 Danielle H. Jolissaint


"Instead of parties, instead of holidays, instead of carnival, go to the slaughterhouses and see the truth."
"Animal suffering does not stop at other places in the world!"

link to read more about

14.3.2019 Danielle H. Jolissaint

Fluid Spirit wishes to be understood as a learning field, in which all educational offers contribute to the areas of self-knowledge, expansion of consciousness, community building, freedom from conditionings and reconciliation of the genders. Fluid Spirit promotes truthfulness and earnestness in the sense of reliability of feelings in relationships, as such Fluid Spirit is meant to provide a vessel for friendships.

The books “Fluid Spirit”, At Home in Reality, A Guide to Spiritual Growth, Volume I and II, by Danielle Jolissaint & Dr. med. Ernst Benz constitute the spirit as well as the basis of Fluid Spirit.

buch_fleur_de_jolissaint_weissThe book “Fleurs de Jolissaint”

Meditation-vocal improvisations "Fleurs de Jolissaint"
by Danielle H. Jolissaint from the Moulin Les Verveilles,
the house Fluid Spirit.

The music CDs can be purchased from Danielle H. Jolissaint at the price of CHF 30.– per CD


The Book ”Fluid Spirit”

MD Ernst Benz and I have created a guide for spiritual growth in the daily routine. You can read my working philosophy in the books: ”Fluid Spirit: In der Wirklichkeit zu Hause” (Fluid Spirit: In reality at home) Volume I and II. Both books are in German and can be ordered from me. The price is CHF 58.– per volume or CHF 110.– for both volumes, plus handling and shipping.

You can find a short summary in English as PDF-file which can be downloaded with the following link.

Summary ”Fluid Spirit” (PDF-File)

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